About Us



Studio 64 offers furnished offices and coworking space with onsite childcare along with a range of other services all designed to make family & parent life easier and more convenient.


Who Studio 64 is For?
If you’re looking for workspace, early learning & childcare, onsite parking or combinations of the three, Studio 64 is the place for you.

Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Freelancers
Work with like-minded people, free from the distractions and isolation of a home office. Meeting clients, look professional with a central business address and office.

Local Business
Meet potential clients working from a superb location.

Growing Business
Looking for flexible space for your growing business? Don’t want to be locked into leases that won’t suit your business needs in a month, years time?

Work Local
Drop the children off, use the onsite parking bays and walk to work.

Work in CBD
Looking for childcare close to or on the way to work.. A quick exit off the freeway with the option to park and catch the ferry in.

Live Local
Just need the convenience of a local space to work from or a local childcare facility.

Offer staff flexible working options closer to where they live. Increase productivity by reducing commute times and the distractions of home offices. Provide work life balance for families & retain quality staff by offering work/childcare solutions.


Drop the kids downstairs and use one of the private furnished offices upstairs to work. Also available to those that just need a space to work from.


The onsite Early Learning program provides both regular and occasional child care places.


A range of other services onsite all designed to make the lives of busy parents easier.